Religious Jain Art (India)

My upbringing in a religious family and learning of Jainism has been reflected in Jain art paintings.


Lord Mahavira
This is the painting of Lord Mahavira the 24th Tirthankara of the Jains. He is also known as Vardhamana. His position in a lotus posture implies a state of complete spiritual bliss, after getting rid of the cycle of birth and death and attaining 'Keyal Dnyan' (salvation)

Different techniques of meditation has been used in India for centuries by people to help attain and relaxed and peaceful frame of mind. They say 'light shines in the peaceful mind'
Light colours with water and lotus are used in the painting to depict an atmosphere of spiritual and emotional peace


Ganesha (001)

Ganesha (002)

Lord Mahavira (JA002)
Lord Mahavira is believed to the twenty-fourth Tirthankara. The painting portrays Lord in meditating posture surrounded by halo of his righteousness. This impact has been heightened by two vertical lamps adding to the slow warm color scheme and indicates designs of mystic impact.

Dhyan (JA003)
This all painting with natural surrounding portrays Lord with his halo in meditating posture. The halo surrounding the Lord against the violet background reflects the spirituality. 

Namo Arihantanam (JA004)
The religious rhym is in the praise of the hord who had at tamed 'Keval gyan' under Ashoka tree. The image of the Lord is in the meditation pose. Light color scheme has been used to depict the religious etnos.

Reflection of God (JA006)
As a reference from the "Logassa Sutra" of the Jains , the painting herewith reflects the qualities of 'Jineshwara' or the Ultimate Lord. He is serene and calm like the moonlight, luminous like the sun and earnest 
and deep like the sea.

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