I have always been a keen observer and a curious and fast learner. My visits to various art galleries, observation of works by great artists and travel to places in India as well as abroad have greatly inspired me and have had an immense effect on my paintings.

I have drawn inspiration from the richness of impressionism, figurative yet simplistic expressions of Degas, as also the clear patterned coloring and very thin line of the Japanese print, furthermore, my water lilies paintings has inspired from Claude Monet's artistic works. Along with these western masters, the unique mixing of orange and pink colors by Amrita Shergil fascinated me.

My choice of colors and composition was influenced by the renowned Indian masters Madhav Satawalekar and K.K. Hebbar. My religious upbringing & the sacred prayer offered to Lord Mahavira inspired my Jain religious paintings. The Rajasthani lifestyle, temples, and mountains, colorful costumes and ornaments have also been a source of inspiration.

My works are representational and subjective. I enjoy using delicate brushwork as well as bold thick strokes in my paintings. The lines drawn are very forceful. The use of warm colours, knife work enhance the beauty of painting. My paintings are not mere colors on canvas ,they represent my thoughts, my feelings, my ideas. They are coupled with optimism, harmony, and depth.


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