Flower Paintings

The focus of my floral painting is enchanting white lilies Tulips found in ample (many) all over England. These have been painted in vertical position some of bright and gray tone background and bright colors which soothe eyes. In addition I have painted pink and white water lilies.



Landscape Compositions (Indian Artist)

These works have been painted at different locations in India and England reflecting the beauty of nature.




Crimson World
This landscape composition depicts relationship between man and nature in crimson colors. This imaginary painting depicts leaves in pink shade and the small image of man reflects the grandeur of nature.

Flying Angels
This landscape composition portrays flowers as angels who bring happiness to mankind. This mood has been caught in pleasant colors.

Blue Dream
This landscape composition entitled "Blue Dreams" by portraying leaves of water lily in the ocean. Its beauty has been enhanced by portraying a woman figure coming out of a pearl. It is a harmony of cool colors which soothe the eyes.

This landscape composition reflects the spirit of freedom in pleasant colors. This work has been inspired from the Japanese art work.

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