As a student of fine arts at the Abhinav College of Arts, Pune ,I became acquainted with different aspects of art, closely associated with painting & drawing, such as-portrait painting, poster designing, still life painting ,landscape painting, mural making ,etc. Even sketching in pen, pencil, or charcoal is an art which requires practice.

However, Portrait painting, sketching and representational work have always fascinated me more and my perseverance and dedication to this field were well rewarded when I got my Masters degree in fine arts.

Namita Jain - Indian Artist

They say that Marriage is an important phase in the life of a young girl. Marriage changes her life forever. Not being an exception for this rule, even my life underwent a major change when I got married .However, fortunate that my professional life was also witnessed a drastic transition ,when I moved over to London, soon after marriage. Now ,the sky seems a limit to me.

Born and brought up in the classical Indian art background, I was excited and enthusiastic to get to know the art and culture of London which is world famous and evident through its numerous galleries. I not only gained more knowledge about art in this country but also got an opportunity to show my talent and potential here. Soon the artist in me gained recognition and now I am engaged in making paintings on traditional Indian themes, which meet the demands for my patrons in London.

Today when I look back and retrospect on my life, as compared to that of any other young girl , I see myself as self- contended, happily cherishing my artistic dreams, aspiring to make them real and succeeding in the process.


Aristotle says, "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work ."

I enjoy my work and I always want to be perfect , so I put in the best of my efforts in any painting that I take in my hand. My studio is therefore the place where I work and enjoy.

My studio is my own room with a small window from where I can relish upon the beautiful scenery outside. It is a peaceful room which gives me a perfect atmosphere to concentrate on my work -to transfer the mental images into a piece of artwork .

A cup of warm coffee and my favorite music playing in background stimulates me to work continuously.

However, Creativity in art comes from trust. I trust completely my instincts and that helps me add innovative touch to my paintings.

Finally ,I believe that the secret of my success lies behind the hard work I undertook along with my determination and dedication for my work. Not forgetting the faith I had in myself, my potential & my instincts which helped me to reach where I am today.


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